About Us

Our History

Since my childhood, I have dreamed of developing my own business to value my talents and my passions. I arrived in Paris at 24 years old, a mythical city in my opinion, to explore my creativity and my own style.
I started to create my first collection, colorful jewelry, made with wood balls and stones named it “Happiness”.
At 30 years old, I opened a small and lovely shop in the heart of historical Paris, LE MARAIS, to exercise my talents.
In this way "Shopping for Happiness “ was born, mostly to receive and make my clients entertained and why not, happy.
Continuing doing what I love, one thing led to another, so I started to embroider hearts on T-shirts, Berets and Sweaters. Another collection “Le Coeur brodé” started existing and became my client’s favorite.

Our Vision

My vision was, since the very beginning, to give customers the best handmade souvenir from Paris.
The purpose was working with young artist,
encouraging their passions and offer articles
with a touch of unicity.
I believe that handmade creations and dreaming big and strong are great source of happiness and love!

Ramona Pasca, designer for “Le Coeur brode ” and founder of Shopping for Happiness concept store